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Lock Installation, Maintenance and Repair: Follow Easy Greenwich Locksmith Advice

In spite of all those modern means of securing properties worldwide, locks have remained the most reliable systems meant to keep thieves away.

You may need a new lock when your old one is broken, when you move to a new location or simply when you want enhanced security. Greenwich locksmith experts are always available locally, for your security needs.

Here are a few tips on locks services that you may require for the safety of your personal or business assets.

Lock installation services from Greenwich locksmith

There are basically four components to a lock: you have the plug, the pins and various springs keeping them in place, but the most important part is the cylinder. This is the component that holds the pins and key in place. According to Greenwich locksmith, the system is basically very simple: the appropriate key will make the pins line up which will then determine the plug switch inside the cylinder and this will release the lock.
Many people are skilled enough to install a lock on their own, but the wisest decision is to have the locking mechanism installed by a certified professional. Many things can go wrong during the installation if you are not well versed in this technique, so you can break the door material, ruin a lock for good or do any other kinds of damage. A Greenwich locksmith expert can complete the job in a matter of minutes and then you have multiple advantages: the reliability of a work well done, durability, knowing that the work was done by someone insured and certified.

Lock maintenance services offered by Greenwich locksmith professionals

The life of a lock largely depends on how well it was kept and how often you have used it. Some of these things can be done by yourself, like making sure your locks are well lubricated, kept clean and in good shape. According to expert tips from Greenwich locksmith technicians, you need to brush your locks off several times a year, so they don't get dirty. Just use any common lubricant solution for that, but it is best to call our Ahold Locksmith specialists before doing it, Also, door hinges should be lubricated, at least once a year, this will be an important process for the wellbeing of your locking mechanism as well.

One very common lubricating method is by spraying some solution on the key hole and then on the key, then you can insert the key in the lock, repeat the procedure several times.

If you feel that there are more things to do about maintenance of your locking mechanism, the safest thing would be to call the technician who installed the lock in the first place, they will be happy to assist.

Remember, by keeping your locks in good working order, you will manage to save more money on new lock installation every two years or so.

Repair and replacement services by Greenwich locksmith

Of course, like any object, a lock can only last as much. If your locking mechanism was deteriorated, was the subject of a break-in attempt or you have damaged it accidentally, immediate action must be taken. You should never wait to have a broken lock replaced or mended.

This is particularly the reason why Ahold Locksmith has reliable, well equipped technicians available for clients 24/7 no matter what day. Our emergency services are offered to you for the same usual rates, and one of our locksmiths will be at your place of residence in a matter of minutes.

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