Films that Remind us of Houses without Locks

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Pandora's "Case", albeit really a pithos or a jug, could have been secured by an appropriate bolt had one been accessible. As this myth presents numerous a shrewdness passed on to the assortment of earth and its tenants, we've chosen to put-a-bolt to those other anecdotal situations which may have turned out a great deal more dull had the lock(s) not been set up! Lets investigate a film without locks.

The Shining

A ropy haired Jack Nicholson is sauntering through a house with a hatchet. A washroom entryway is bolted. Inside there is a lady stuck in a window. She's attempting to press herself outside and escape an executioner. She surrenders, the executioner starts hacking up the entryway with a specific end goal to kill the lady.

You recall the line which originates from the deranged face, "Here's Johnny!" Well, without the development, the hatchet removing many slices from the entryway (being that the entryway was bolted) this celebrated scene could never have happened. 

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